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Scores catalog

Saturday 28 December 2013, by Laurent (Vnouk) // Works

The first Vsevolod Petrovitch’s score published was the 24 preludes for piano, in 1970, by Mouzitchna oukraïna publishing house, Kiev. In his essay "Ich bin schon längst tot", Komponisten im Gulag : Vsevolod Zaderackij und Aleksandr Veprik published in Osteuropa, june 2007 (Germany), Jascha Nemtsov wrote a main catalog of Zaderatsky’s published scores and manuscripts. In his book "Per Aspera …" Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky proposes the first exhaustive catalog of the published scores (...) Lire la suite »

Musical works’ catalog

Sunday 27 September 2009, by Laurent (Vnouk) // Works

The first Vsevolod Zaderatsky’s works known were composed in 1928. All his works that he composed before this date were destroyed during his first arrestation in 1926. The works’ catalog presented here is issued from the Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky’s book " Per aspera …", published in july 2009 at the Composer publishing House in Moscow. Done by the composer’s son, it is the first complete works’ catalog with the known manuscripts. Works are presented by year of composition. Russian titles (...) Lire la suite »

Where can you find Zaderatsky’s scores ?

Tuesday 22 September 2009, by Laurent (Vnouk) // Works

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