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Per aspera...

Sunday 20 September 2009, by FQ, Laurent (Vnouk) // Publications

Title : Per aspera…, 320 p. Editor : Composer publishing house Издательство "Композитор" Author : Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky Lang : Russian Date of publication : july 2009 Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky has written a book about his father’s works and life. This book is well documented and inserts a lot of musicological analysis of Vsevolod Petrovitch’s works illustrated by excerpts from scores. "Per aspera …" was named Book of the Year by the russian newspaper "The Book Review" and the russian (...) Lire la suite »

Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка) Moscow 2007

Sunday 20 September 2009, by FQ, Laurent (Vnouk) // Publications

Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка) Title : Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка) Éditor : Classica XXI (КЛАССИКА XXI) Author : Mikhail Kaluzhsky Lang : Russian This title includes a booknote of 52 pages and a CD. It presents 8 composers from the first part of 20th century and who were subjected to repression in their life and their works. Stalinian oppression was used for four of them : Vsevolod ZADERATSKY, Alexander MOSSOLOV, Alexander VEPRIK, Moisey WEINBERG. Zaderatsky and Veprik will know the Goulag. The four others (...) Lire la suite »