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Wednesday 17 August 2011, by FQ, Laurent (Vnouk) // Biographical elements

21st december 1891 : Vsevolod Petrovitch Zaderatsky birth in Rovno, Ukraine. Around 1910, after graduating in Koursk secondary school, he goes to Moscow to university and the academy of music. He graduated for Law in 1916. At the academy of music, he studies piano, composition and conducting orchestra. Among his teachers, Heinrich Pachulsky, Mikhaïl Ippolitov-Ivanov, Sergueï Taneev, Sergueï Vassilenko. He met Scriabine. In 1915/1916, he teaches piano to Prince Alexis, tsar Nicholas II’s (...) Lire la suite »

V.P. Zaderatsky : The meaning of a life

Thursday 1 October 2009, by Laurent (Vnouk) // Biographical elements

Vsevolod Petrovich Zaderatsky is a composer in the world of artistic figures whose real value is just beginning to be recognised. In actual fact, he is an exception even in the soviet and post-soviet musical history. His exit from oblivion was very late, at the very beginning of the XXIth century, nearly fifty years after his death, while other "forgotten" artists were recognised well before. Soldier in the first world war, a member of the Deninkin Volunteer Army during the civil war, (...) Lire la suite »