Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка) Moscow 2007

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Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка)

  • Title : Repressed music (Репрессированная музыка)
  • Éditor : Classica XXI (КЛАССИКА XXI)
  • Author : Mikhail Kaluzhsky
  • Lang : Russian
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This title includes a booknote of 52 pages and a CD. It presents 8 composers from the first part of 20th century and who were subjected to repression in their life and their works. Stalinian oppression was used for four of them : Vsevolod ZADERATSKY, Alexander MOSSOLOV, Alexander VEPRIK, Moisey WEINBERG. Zaderatsky and Veprik will know the Goulag. The four others were victims of Nazi barbary : Pavel HAAS, Gidéon KLEIN, Viktor ULLMANN, Erwin SCHULHOF. They all died in nazis concentration camp : Haas and Ullmann in Auschwitz, Klein in Fürstengrube and Schulhof in Wülzburg.

This book presents for each composer a monography about his life and his works. The iconography is rich. Even if the russian booknote is difficult to read for non russian-speaking people, the audio CD shows 80 minutes of music really interesting, with notabily two préludes and fugues from V.P.Zaderatsky (C major and A minor).

I managed to get this title from a Russian library in Paris. It is surely easy to do in a large town, everywhere in the world.

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