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Sunday 20 September 2009, by FQ, Laurent (Vnouk) // Publications

Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky has written a book about his father’s works and life. This book is well documented and inserts a lot of musicological analysis of Vsevolod Petrovitch’s works illustrated by excerpts from scores. "Per aspera …" was named Book of the Year by the russian newspaper "The Book Review" and the russian magazine "What to Read".

This book includes a large set of photographies and a complete catalog of composer’s works and published scores. I updated the correspondancy articles from these sources : works and published scores.

The author

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V. Zaderatsky jr.

Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky was born 9 june 1935, in Iaroslavl (300 km, north of Moscow). This russian Ph. D. musicologist is professor at the Moscow Tchaikovsky conservatory. He published in Moscow essays on Shostakovich and Stravinsky music, and a book of musical theory (2 vol.). He obtained in 2003, in association with Vladislav Kazenin and Alexander Sokolov the State Prize of the Russian Federation for the project of the Musical Academy programme "new wanderers" realised during the 90’s. He was the director of this national culture and education programme restoring the musical enlightenments in Russia, which hold masterclasses, interpretative seminars, musicological conferences and festivals of classical and contemporary music. His constance and his determination to make his father’s works well known, began to meet success in the road of aknowledgment and recognition.

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