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Partition des 24 préludes

The first Vsevolod Zaderatsky’s works known were composed in 1928. All his works that he composed before this date were destroyed during his first arrestation in 1926. The works’ catalog presented here is issued from the Vsevolod Vsevolodovitch Zaderatsky’s book " Per aspera …", published in july 2009 at the Composer publishing House in Moscow. Done by the composer’s son, it is the first complete works’ catalog with the known manuscripts. Works are presented by year of composition. Russian titles were conserved and an english translation is proposed (So many thanks to Elena). Among the Vsevolod Petrovitch’s works are more than 90 melodies on poems from russian poets. I included each time it existed a link often in Russian, sometimes in english. Some poems are also proposed. Documentary ressources about Russian poets in the XXth century are alas rare on the web (Wiki poets, go on !).


Sonate for piano N°1

Sonate for piano N°2

Тетрадь миниатюр (The Album of Miniatures), 5 pieces cycle for piano

  1. Облака (Clouds)
  2. Авто (The Motor Car)
  3. Затаенное (Secret Feeling)
  4. Карусель (The Merry-go-round)
  5. Марш плакат (Poster-March)


Микробы лирики (Microbes of the lyric), 4 pieces cycle for piano


Шапка тюбетейка (Uzbek Hat), melody on Nikolai Nezlobin’s poem

Chopin - Waltz in C sharp minor, transcription for piano

Saint-Saens - Le Rouet d’Omphale, transcription for piano

Фарфоровые чашки (Porcelain Cups), 4 pieces cycle for piano

  1. Полевые цветы (Wild Flowers)
  2. Цирковой наездник (Circus Rider)
  3. Барабан и труба (Drum and Trumpet)
  4. Гулянка (Party)


Кровь и уголь (Blood and Coal), opera. Libretto by V. P. Zaderatsky. Only one act of the opera has survived.

На реке (On the River), melody on Vladimir Lugovskoy’s poem

Гадание (Fortune-telling), mélody on Vladimir Lugovskoy’s poem

Легенда (Legend), melody on Semen Kirsanov’s poem

Гротеск Ильи Сельвинского (The "Grotesque" of Ilya Selvinsky) [1], vocal cycle

  1. Баллада о барабанщике (Ballade about the Drummer)
  2. Анекдоты о караимском философе (Anecdotes about a Caraïtian Philosopher )
    • Бабакай и луна (Babakaï and the Moon)
    • Бабакай и халат (Babakaï and the Robe)
    • Бабакай и теория предопределення (Babakaï and the Predestination Theory)

Свет мой оранжевый (The Orange Light is my World), melody on Nicolay Aseyev’s poem

Западный фронт (The Western Front), melody on Valéry Bryusov


Старинная донская (The Don River Old Song), folk song

Песня о безработных (Song about the Jobless), melody on Iosif Utkin’s poem

Москворецкая (Down the Moskva River), melody on Demyan Bedny’s poem

Извозчичек (The Coachman), folk song

Хулиганская - в чест ножа (Song of a Hooligan in Honour of His Knife), melody on Demyan Bedny’s poem

Ирландская песня (Irish Song), melody on Iosif Utkin’s poem

Китайская безделушка (The Chinese Trinket), melody on Ilya Selvinsky’s poem

лирическая симфонетта (Lyrical Sinfonietta), for string orchestra

Реквием (Requiem), piano score on Nikolai Aseyev’s poem, for choir and orchestra


Symphony "Фондамент" (The Foundation), for symphonic orchestra. Only the 2nd movement has survived

Казнь (Execution), melody on M. Gold’s poem


24 preludes for piano

Tchaikovsky - Waltz from "Swan Lake", transcription for piano

Oratorio "Октябрь" (October), for choir and symphonic orchestra, on Ilya Selvinsky’s text. Uncompleted

  1. Призыв (Slogan)
  2. Песня о ветep (Song about the Wind)
  3. 25-я дивизия (The 25th Division)
  4. 26 комиссаров (The 26 Commissioners)
  5. штурмовая (Assault)
  6. Марш-плакат (March-Placard)

Арктическая симфония (Arctic Symphony), for children’s choir , on Vsevolod Zaderatsky’s text in 6 movements

  1. Полярный поход (Arctic Journey)
  2. Белое Безмолвие (White Silence)
  3. Песня полярников (Song of Polar Explorers)
  4. Ледяной шторм (Ice Storm)
  5. Северное сиянье (Northern Lights)
  6. Встречный марш (Counter March)

Новоладожская (Novoladoiskaya Song), melody on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem

Лодыри и кот (The Cat and the Lazybones), melody on Samuil Marshak’s poem

Сердце матери (Mother’s Heart), old french ballad


Весна у нас на дворе (Spring is Just at the Door), melody on Vera Inber’s poem

Сказочка о красной шапочке (Fairy Tale about Little Red Riding Hood), melody on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s poem

Колыбельная про мышку (Mouse Lullaby), melody on a folk poem

Дети и клетке (Children in the Cage), 10 pieces vocal cycle on Samuil Marshak’s poem

  1. Воробей в зоопарке (The Sparrow in the Zoo)
  2. Совята (Baby Owls)
  3. Верялюд (Camel)
  4. Пингвин (Penguin)
  5. Собака динго (Dingo)
  6. Мартышка (Monkey)
  7. Кенгуру (Kangaroo)
  8. Жираф (Giraffe)
  9. Зебры (Zebra)
  10. Слон (Elephant)

Симфонический плакат "завод" (Symphonic placard "Factory"), for symphonic orchestra

Симфонический плакат "Конная армия" (Symphonic placard "Cavalry"), for symphonic orchestra

Симфонический плакат "Китайский марш" (Symphonic placard "Chinese march"), for symphonic orchestra


Ничего не случилось, пожалуй (Nothing happened, perhaps ), melody on Ilya selvinsky’s poem

Самсонов (Samsonov), melody on Boris Likharev’s poem

Sonate for piano N°3 in C sharp minor


24 preludes and fugues for piano, composed in the Gulag, written on telegram forms.


Усни, белоснежное поле (Sleep, White Snow Field), melody on Valery Bryusov’s poem

Sonate for piano N°3 in F sharp minor


Валенсианская вдова (The widow of Valence), opera on a libretto by Vsevolod Zaderatsky inspired by Lope de Vega’s comedy

Sonate for piano N°4 in E flat minor

Ноктюрн (Nocturne), piece for piano

Персидский танец (The Persian Danse), piece for piano

Эпитафия (The Epitaph), piece for piano

Листок из альбома (A page from the Album), piece for piano

Восточный альбом (Oriental Album), piano cycle in 4 pieces

Дочурка (My Little Daughter), music for drama. Spectacle

Волшебная лампа алладина (Aladdin and His Magic Lamp), music for drama. Spectacle

Белый пудель (White Poodle), music for drama. Spectacle

Тяо и Ю (Tiao and Iou), music for drama. Spectacle

Камерная симфония (Chamber symphony), for 9 instruments (piano, clarinet, 2 trumpets, 2 horns, 2 trombones and percussions)


Sonate for piano N°5 in C sharp minor

Санитар (The Male Nurse), melody on A. Rikalin’s poem

Скоро, скоро, стукнет сорок (My 40th Birthday is coming soon), melody on D. Gorbounov’s poem


Дыхание войны (War’s Breath), collection of pieces for piano

  • Пятнадцат отважных (The Fifteen Braves)
  • Двацат восем (The Twenty-eight)
  • Черноморские бушлаты (The Black Sea Pea Jackets)
  • Мина и Мина (Mines)
  • Баллада о моряке (Ballade about the Sailor)
  • Музыканты (The Musicians)
  • Провожальная (A Goodbye Song [2])
  • Тополь и дороги (Poplar on the Road)
  • Антигитлеровские частушки (Anti-Nazi Humourous Folk Songs)


Легенды (Legends), 5 pieces cycle for

  1. Кровавый кактус (Bloody Cactus)
  2. Ущелье смерти (Canyon of Death)
  3. Черный всадник (Black Horseman)
  4. Сад жемчужного винограда (Garden of Pearl Grapes)
  5. Синеок-цветок (Blue-eyed Flower)

Шест детских пьес (6 pieces for children), 6 pieces cycle for piano

  1. Кукушка (Cuckoo)
  2. Паяц (Jester)
  3. Вальс (Waltz)
  4. Марш артиллеристов (Gunners March)
  5. Рондо (Rondo)
  6. Сонатина (Sonatine)

Кавказская рапсодия (Caucasian Rhapsody), for piano

Фронт (Front), 9 parts suite for piano

  1. Дорога на фронт (On the Way to the Front)
  2. Родное пепелище (The Hearth)
  3. Атака (Attack)
  4. В землянке (In the Dugout)
  5. Над картой (Studing over the Map)
  6. Письмо от любимой (Sweetheart’s Letter)
  7. В тыл к врагу (Towards Enemy’s Backland)
  8. Над братской могилой (At the Mass Grave)
  9. Земля горит (Earth is Burning)

De profundis, 10 pieces vocal cycle on Ilya Sadofiev’s text

Баку (Bakou), melody on Valery Bryusov’s poem

Десятая часть (One Tenth), melody on Valery Bryusov’s poem

Дама треф (Queen of Clubs), melody on Valery Bryusov’s poem

Колыбельная (Lullaby), melody on Valery Bryusov’s poem

Victoria regia, melody on Igor Severianine’s poem


Семь дочерей (Seven Daughters), melody on T. Poleshchuk’s poem

Надгробное слово (Funeral Oration), melody on Leonid Kuznetsov’s poem

Арабские сказки (Tales of Arabian Nights), melody on Samuil Marshak’s poem

Идиллия "Соловьиный сад" (Idyll "The Nightingale Garden") for flute and piano


Children’s Concerto for piano and orchestra N°1

Родина (Motherland), 7 movements suite for piano

  1. Рельсы (Railway)
  2. Тайга (Taiga)
  3. Молодая смена (Young Generation)
  4. Поля золотые (Golden Fields)
  5. Завод (Factory)
  6. Долина Аракса (The valley of Arax River)
  7. Колонна энтузиастов (The Column of Enthusiasts)

Морские песни (Sea songs), choir a capella. 4 movements suite

  1. Эскадренная (Squadron Song), on Ilya Selvinsky’s poem
  2. Подводная (Submariners’ Song), on Boris Likharev’s poem
  3. Походная (Campaign Song), on Nicolas Aseyev’s poem
  4. Прощальная (Farewell Song), on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem

Было - будет (It will happen again), melody on Dimitri Semienovsky’s poem

Сентиментальный вечер (Sentimental Evening), melody on Ilya Selvinsky’s poem

Свет померк в твоем окне (Light is dimming in your window), melody on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem


Поэма о русском солдате (Poem about Russian Soldier), vocal cycle in 10 pieces on Alexander Tvardovsky’s poems. Only the pieces 1, 4 et 7 have survived

  1. Закон солдата (The Rule of a Soldier)
  2. Грянул год (The Year when the War broke out)
  3. Отступление (Retreat)
  4. Мать земля (Motherland)
  5. Кисет (Snuffbox)
  6. У речки (On the River)
  7. Смоленский рожок (Bugle of Smolensk)
  8. Шинель (Greatcoat)
  9. Девушкам (For the Girls)
  10. Медаль (Medal)


Concerto for domra and orchestra. Composed on an ukrainian folk theme

Русская рапсодия (Russian Rhapsody), piece for piano


Серебряный ливень (Silver Shower), piece for piano

Sonate for horns and piano

Памяти Косенко (In Kosienko’s Memorium), choir on Vladimir Sossioura’s poem

Непогода (Bad Weather), melody on Nikolai Aseyev’s poem

Мандолина (Mandolin), melody on Alexei Surkov’s poem

Вечерний свет звезды (Evening Star), melody on Stepan Tchipatchev’s poem

Заночуй, милочек (Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart), melody on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem


Children’s Concerto for piano and orchestra N°2


Песенка английского матроса (English Sailor’s Ditty), melody on Mikhail Svetlov’s poem

Фляга (The Flask), melody on Konstantin Simonov’s poem

Дорожка (The Path), melody on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem

Черная речка (Dark River [3]), melody on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem

Персидская песня (Persian Song), on Nikolai Aseyev’s poem

Колыбельные (Lullabies), vocal cycle on Agniya Barto’s poems, for soprano and symphonic orchestra

  1. Черненькому сыну (Lullaby for My Dark-skinned Son)
  2. Желтенькому сыну (Lullaby for My Tawny-skinned Son)
  3. Смугленькому сыну (Lullaby for My Swarthy-skinned Son)
  4. Беленькому сыну (Lullaby for My Fair-skinned Son)


Suite for choir a capella, on a folk ukrainian text

Transcriptions for piano

  • Tchaïkovsky - The Canary
  • Griboïedov - Waltz
  • Khandoshkine - Sonate for violin solo
  • Glinka - Venetian Night
  • Moussorgsky - The Sorochinskaya Fair
  • Rimski-Korsakov - Capriccio Espagnol
  • Cui - Bolero
  • Glinka - Melody

Валенсианская вдова (The Widow of Valence), opera on a libretto by Vsevolod Zaderatsky inspired by the Lope de Vega’s comedy. 2nd version. The score were orchestrated in 2006 by Russian composer Leonid Hoffman


Кленовая сентябрьская аллеа (Maple Alley in September), melody on Stepan Shipachev’s poem

Корабль желтого дьявола (Yellow Demon’s Ship), melody on V. Solntseva’s poem

Symphony N°1, for symphonic orchestra


Советские танцы (Soviet Dances), 4 parts suite for folk instruments orchestra

Любовью дорожить умейте (Love you have to cherish), melody on Stepan Shipachev’s poem

Пустыня (Desert), melody on Sergei Ostrovoi’s poem

Песня о казацком море (Cossak Sea Song), on Alexander Prokofiev’s poem

Героиня-Мать (Mother-heroine), melody on Pavel Tichina’s poem

Зерно (Grains), melody Stepan Shipachev’s poem

Флаг обьединенных наций (The United-Nations Flag), melody on Vladimir Lifchits’s poem

Пионерская походная (Pioneers’ Camping Song), on Zinaïda Alexandrova’s poem

Transcriptions for piano

  • Tchaïkovsky - The Fearful Minute
  • Tchaïkovsky - Zemfira’s Song
  • Delibes - Bolero

Concerto for violin and symphonic orchestra. The score were orchestrated in 2009 by Russian composer Leonid Hoffman

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